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Preparing for a Marriage at Trinity

The first step in planning a wedding is to notify the Parish Office of your intent. At Trinity we request that you do this four months before your desired ceremony date if possible, and no less than sixty (60) days before the date.

Contact the Parish Office

You will meet with the Rector before any date is confirmed. Once the date has been approved, a non-refundable deposit (20% of the total wedding fees) is required to reserve the date. The balance must be paid by 30 days before the wedding date.

The Episcopal church requires couples to prepare for the marriage with the officiating priest. The standard at Trinity Church is a minimum of four appointments of one hour each.

A rehearsal of the ceremony is the final step in preparation, and all participants in the ceremony should attend. You must obtain your marriage license from the Township of Moorestown and deliver it to the church office or officiating priest before the beginning of your rehearsal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who can be married at Trinity?
A) All couples, regardless of genders, who intend a lifelong, mutual, faithful marriage in the sight of God, and who meet the legal requirements for marriage in the State of New Jersey are welcome at Trinity.

Q) What is the Episcopal Church’s teaching on marriage?
A) The teaching of the church is that God’s purpose for marriage is for the couple’s mutual joy, for the help and comfort given to each other in prosperity and adversity, and, when it is God’s will, for the gift and heritage of children and their nurture in the knowledge and love of God.  Marriage is to be unconditional, mutual, exclusive, faithful, and lifelong.

Q) If one or both of us is divorced, may we be married at Trinity?
A) The Episcopal Church recognizes that divorce is very much a part of contemporary life. We are more interested in the present relationship than in dwelling on the past. In cases of divorce or annulment, the clergy must seek permission for the Bishop to bless the Marriage. In such a case, at least one party to the Marriage must be a member of the Parish. The divorce has to have been finalized for a minimum of one year. The clergy must write to the Bishop attesting to knowledge of this couple and to the seriousness of this couple’s intent in making a Christian marriage. For this reason, if one or both parties to the marriage have been divorced, Trinity requires a minimum of ninety (90) days notice before the desired ceremony date.

Q) What if a couple is residing in another state and cannot come to Moorestown until just before the ceremony?
A) In certain instances we allow a couple to do their premarital preparation in the locale where they are living, away from Moorestown. This must be arranged with the Rector when the wedding is scheduled, and a letter verifying this process must be received by Trinity Church before the rehearsal.

Q) Can another clergy person outside the Parish or from another denomination actually marry us?
A) The officiating clergy is normally one of Trinity’s parish priests. Under certain circumstances with the permission of the Rector, another Episcopal clergy person may be invited to officiate. Clergy who are regularly ordained in another denomination are welcome to assist in your wedding ceremony, with permission of the Rector. Trinity’s clergy will determine the form of the service within the structure of the Episcopal Church.

Wedding Fees

Active, Pledging Members of Trinity: $1,300.00
Inactive Members and Non-Members: $1,900.00

Fee is based on applicants’ member status at the time of application. Fee covers services of clergy, organist, wedding coordinator, sexton, and use of church. Additional charges will be made for soloist and/or special music.

A 20% non-refundable deposit is due when the date is reserved. The balance must be paid by 30 days before the wedding date. Weddings usually are not celebrated during Holy Week or on Sundays or holidays.