Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Join the journey of racial reconciliation and healing

The Episcopal Church made a specific commitment to racial reconciliation a few years ago, establishing the Becoming Beloved Community (BBC) framework. Becoming Beloved Community represents not so much a set of programs as a journey, a set of interrelated commitments around which Episcopalians may organize our many efforts to respond to racial injustice and grow a community of reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers.

You can read more here from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry about how this is the work of the Church, together, and of faithful Christians.

Sacred Ground: A film-based dialogue series on race and faith 

Dialogue group starting at Trinity in April 2022

This race dialogue series is an attempt to be responsive to the profound challenges that currently exist in our society. It is focused on the challenges that swirl around issues of race and racism, as well as the difficult but respectful and transformative dialogue we need to have with each other about them. It invites participants to walk back through history in order to peel away the layers that brought us to today, and to do so in a personal way, reflecting on family histories and stories, as well as important narratives that shape the collective American story.

Why participate?  If we enter the sacred ground of the labyrinth to walk back in time, see the markers along the highway showing where we went astray, ask genuine questions of our history, be humble students of our past, acknowledge the harms done and the harms endured – if we can do these things, then God willing, we can eventually come to some centered spot, take stock, see, sense, feel, mourn, pray, and then turn and walk back out, together.

Interested in joining?  Email Nancy Matthews and Anne Dalesandro, program leaders

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May God make us brave. May God root us in our own and others’ absolute belovedness. May God grant us a vision for beloved community and lead us with care and boldness on the sacred path toward that dream. Amen.

Diocesan Events and Forums:

March 29 and April 5 at 7 p.m. – “Tubman and Tutu: The Struggle for Reparative Justice” Learn more and register here