Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Children’s Education Classes

church school imageOur formation as Christians is a life-long process, as we learn from God and from one another in worship, in service, in the study of scripture, as we apply the teaching of our faith to our daily decision making, and in fellowship and friendship. Our classes for young children focus on learning the stories of scripture and sharing God’s love.

FALL 2022

Sunday School begins on Sunday, Sept.11th.

Please download the Sunday School Registration Form and email the form to Christine Andonie: or bring it with you to church.


Sunday school for grades 4 and up, these children will attend the 10:00 service

Good Shepherds Club will be offered during this time for grades 3 and lower

10:00- 11:15

Youngest children (Pre-K through Grade 3) will attend Sunday school at 10:00. The older children (grades 2 &3) will meet in the chapel first and then children will go to their classrooms.  The younger children (grades 1 and lower) will go to their classrooms, then attend chapel at 10:15 and return to their classes after the service.

Grades 2 & 3 will attend church at the peace

Grade 1 will start attending church at the peace in the Spring for Welcome to Communion preparation.

Safety is the priority.

Children are to wash their hands upon arrival

If your child is sick, please keep them home

Volunteer opportunities ongoing

Family Study at Home: