Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Reaching out to serve our community

For those who were already economically depressed, food insecure and lacking affordable housing, 2021 continues to be traumatic.  Most who were just able to make ends meet and then lost income are still not able to pay their bills, stock up on food and keep up with their housing costs. We need to continue to support an already challenged system that is helping an unprecedented amount of people and families in our area. Please help the The Trinity Outreach Commission continue to support the vital organizations listed below that work to provide the basics of food, shelter and assistance at a level far greater than ever anticipated. With your donations, these organizations can help individuals and families fight off the long-term effects of poverty, hunger and homelessness.


Organizations we support

Donations can be made through this website or by sending a check to Trinity Episcopal Church. Please note for Outreach/and if you would like to specify. Thank you to all of you who have donated and continue to support The Trinity Outreach Commission.

Donate Here


Donations can be made here or checks can be sent to Trinity. Please mark checks “Scholarship Fund”.

Trinity Food Pantry

Trinity parishioners generously donate food to our pantry to help feed those in our community. Our pantry located in the church office. Our current Food Pantry hours are Thursday, 9 – 11 a.m. Pantry drop offs or pickups may be arranged at other times pending staff availability. Please call 856-235-0811 to schedule any delivery or pick up from the office.