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Youth Education Classes

Our formation as Christians is a life-long process, as we learn from God and from one another in worship, in service, in the study of scripture, as we apply the teaching of our faith to our daily decision making, and in fellowship and friendship.

Our youth classes, for middle and high school students, focus on learning how to use the teachings of our faith in everyday matters of self and society, as our children grow into adulthood.

Rite 13:  Sixth & Seventh Grades
Rite 13 is the first step in the Journey To Adulthood program. These young persons spend two years together building community and begin to take their first steps away from the roles they have played in their families and into some new roles in the church. In the second year the program will include a liturgical rite of passage in the spring, celebrating the gift of womanhood and manhood.

Journey to Adulthood (J2A): Eighth & Ninth Grades
J2A is the next step in a program of spiritual formation that begins with Rite 13.  It is a program that attracts, instructs and nurtures young people at the ages when they are most likely to drift away from church.  It provides a flexible schedule of lessons to meet the needs of the group of young people as well as real work too, while celebrating and nurturing the gifts they already possess. During J2A the youth will embark on a pilgrimage before they are eligible for confirmation in May 2021.

Young Adults of the Church (YAC)
Tenth through Twelfth Grades transition from the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) into YAC’s beginning with a way for the youth to share what they have experienced through J2A. Our task as leaders is to help them gather all of their experiences. We must remind them, and their parents, that they will be heading out into a world which is crowded and hungry. We must by our patience with them, and our example to them, remind them to offer all that they are, and all that they possess—however meager and however frightening –to the one whose name is Love. Jesus. These youth currently prepare a pancake breakfast the second Sunday of the month and collect laundry detergent for a local family agency.

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