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Youth Ministry

Sunday School and Youth Parent Orientation

Our Sunday School and Youth Parent Orientation was held via zoom on July 25, 2023. You can find a recording of the Sunday School and Youth Parent Orientation here.


Trinity Church would like to thank and congratulate our youth for some of the wonderful things that they have done and encourage them in the things that they have in their future.

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Research and our experience have demonstrated that using ‘school’ language for faith development programs can lead to challenges as children grow. Some children thrive at school but for some, the term evokes dread or boredom. It can also lead to an unintentional ‘graduation’ mentality when growing in our faith is meant to be a life-long journey.

So, we are striving to ‘de-school’ our youth program and its language. Our ‘teachers’ are now called ‘youth leaders’ and our ‘classes’ are now called ‘Sunday morning gatherings.’ We have also chosen curricula which are designed to be highly interactive and not lecture-style. Confirmation is now integrated into a four-year cohort and is not an ending point or ‘graduation.’ While these changes may take some getting used to, we hope that they will foster a better atmosphere for participation and life-long faith development.


Middle School Cohort (Grades 6-8)

The Middle School Cohort uses the newly revised Weaving God’s Promises which is a three-year formation curriculum which features:

  • Sessions structured around the Holy Eucharist as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer.
  • Special sessions for the church seasons, special holidays/feast days, and more.
  • Language and design with an emphasis on inclusiveness.
  • Activities to help consider the social justice implications of each lesson.

In the spring of 8th grade, our youth help design, plan, and execute a special Sunday worship service. This service serves as a rite of passage and transition from the Middle School cohort to the High School cohort.


High School Cohort (Grades 9-12)

The high school cohort will use Generation Why? as their primary curriculum. The curriculum is highly interactive and engages multiple learning styles throughout each lesson’s various discussions and activities.

It helps youth apply the Bible to real life and discuss their faith by engaging topics over the course of 5–7-week units. It guides youth and leaders on a journey for meaning and identity and encourages them to encounter and explore scripture to make it their own. In a time of violence, injustice, materialism, and hard questions, Generation Why? offers a different point of view.

Confirmation is offered during spring of 11th grade at Trinity Cathedral in Trenton. One confirmation preparation unit will be incorporated into each year of the cohort. Additionally, a few confirmation-specific offerings will occur during the 11th grade year.

Youth earn points for attendance and participation in the life of the parish. Our goal is to help youth be well-rounded members of the community and to help them discover their gifts and their place as an adult member of our community. A minimum threshold of points is required to be presented for Confirmation.


Interested in our Youth Ministry?

Please contact the church office or email Kate Stefanko