Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Where We Invest


Each Sunday, and in times of need, hope, sorrow, and joy, we worship together. We proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and experience God’s love through scripture, prayer, and the sacraments, in a way that is relevant to our daily lives and inspires us to join God in healing and serving the world.

  • We invest in people: clergy and staff who plan and lead worship, preach the gospel, prepare programs and support our volunteer worship leaders.
  • We invest in maintaining, lighting, heating, and cooling a building that shelters and shapes our worship, and whose beauty connects our souls to God.
  • We invest in technology and equipment to share worship with those who can’t attend in person, to produce printed worship material, to carry messages about our services, and help us hear one another in prayer.


Music is an integral part of parish life and worship at Trinity. Through our music, we glorify God together and develop our faith and our prayer. Our musical programs allow us to reach out to the wider community with special events where both children and adults can share our gifts.

  • We invest in people who organize, plan, lead and perform our music.
  • We invest in maintaining the buildings and musical instruments that our music program possible.
  • We invest in technology and equipment to share music with those who can’t be present and spread the word about our programs.


Our faith formation classes for children from preschool through fifth grade focus on learning the stories of scripture and sharing God’s love. Our youth program is centered on inclusive ministry built on relationships and uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, and service projects to help youth learn and engage with their faith. Both youth and children’s programs help participants practice a faithful Christian life: loving God and serving our neighbors.

  • We invest in staff who plan curriculum, recruit and support teachers, love our youth and children, and help ensure they are fully engaged in the life of the church.
  • We invest in a building and grounds that give us room to study, learn, run and play, and complete service projects together.
  • We invest in technology and equipment to connect teachers and students, to print class material, and share information that makes learning and growth possible.

Because Christian formation is a lifelong process and we continually grow in our understanding and practice of our faith, we have an intentional focus on communal prayer and adult study that nourishes our own spiritual lives and inspires us in our reaching out to serve the community which surrounds us.

  • We invest in clergy who lead seasonal formation classes and support the year-round classes led by parishioners.
  • We invest in a building that provides large and small spaces for adults to gather for learning and support.
  • We invest in technology and equipment to connect leaders to participants, to print class material, and share information that makes these connections possible.


Authentic relationship is the foundation of our life and ministry together as a church community. We gather in fellowship so that we get to know one another and develop those Christ-based friendships. We send messengers of prayer and sacrament to bear God’s love to those who can’t gather with us because of illness. We celebrate the stages of life together.

  • We invest in clergy who will be present in the hospital, the home, or on the phone to sustain us, to grieve with us, and to celebrate with us in times of crisis and joy in our lives.
  • We invest in our property to provide a welcoming space for meetings, parties, and events, and to lift our hearts to God as we grieve or celebrate at funerals, weddings, and other significant occasions.
  • We invest in technology and equipment to provide the connections that bring people together in crisis and celebration and share the news of events.