Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Trinity Weekly Announcements

May 22nd
The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Worship & Study:

All are required to wear masks during indoor worship services at Trinity. (A few speakers whose vaccination has been verified by Trinity are permitted to remove their masks to be better heard and understood, while at a distance of at least six feet from all other people.)

If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, please join us online and do not attend in-person worship.

10 a.m. service will be live streamed and available on YouTube, Facebook, and our website all day.

Sunday, May 22nd

  • 8:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist
  • 9:00 a.m. – Fellowship Hour, Youth and Children’s Classes
  • 10:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist

Download the Worship Program Here

Basic Bible Study/Reflection Monday evenings at 7 pm via Zoom

Evening Prayer: Tuesday evenings at 7 pm via Zoom (Download Program Here)

Bible Study: Sunday afternoon at 12:45 am via Zoom


Trinity’s Page Brigade invites all enthusiastic readers to join us Wed, May 25 7pm on zoom. If you’re on Facebook, you are also invited to join Trinity’s Page Brigade Facebook Group. We try to post discussion questions before the meeting, but don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook. Also, feel free to invite a friend! May’s book is The Woman They Could Not Silence. Kate Moore recounts the true story of Elizabeth Packard, wife and mother of six, who fought back against a tyrannical husband, a complicit doctor, and 19th-century laws that gave men shocking power to silence and confine their wives. Also shared are the stories of many sane women committed to insane asylums simply because they did not abide by the societal expectations about women. Elizabeth successfully challenged these practices.

New This Week:

Earth Care Ministry Meeting: The next Earth Care Ministry Meeting will be Wednesday, June 8th, 7:00PM via Zoom

May Pew Envelopes Support St. Paul’s Camp Faith in Camden: For the low-income children of Camden, summer vacation often means going without breakfast or lunch. The food programs that provide these basic meals through the school system end when summer vacation begins. If there are no daycare alternatives when school ends, a child left unsupervised during the long, hot days of summer can be a dangerous situation for many reasons. With your help, Camp Faith run by St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Camden can continue to give 50 to 100 children five weeks of Summer Camp. Their goal is to provide a joy filled and safe environment where children come to know Jesus through bible stories, songs, games, sports, crafts, and outings. It is one of the very few ways that children in Camden can be nourished spiritually, emotionally, and physically as breakfast and lunch are provided daily. Sometimes, these may be the only meals they receive. Often, they ask for extra sandwiches so they have something for dinner or for a sibling. Please help support Camp Faith with your donations using the outreach envelopes or by dropping off a check to the office made out to Trinity noted for “Camp Faith”. Donations may also be sent through our outreach web page. Also please watch for upcoming information regarding volunteer opportunities to help out at the camp and to make sandwiches for lunches. Thank you for your continued support!

May is AAIP Heritage Month:

“If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain”

The words from this well known hymn are apt descriptors of the life of Takashi (Tak) Moriuchi of Moorestown and Medford. He was indeed, as described in his obituary, “a man of integrity, vision and action.”

Tak was raised in Yamato, a Japanese Christian farming community in Livingston, California. His 22-year-old father had immigrated around 1905 and did odd jobs until he could send for a “picture bride” from his home village. His parents were poor migrant workers until Tak was ready for school. He was accepted to the highly competitive University of California at Berkeley and graduated with a degree in business management in 1941.

With the outbreak of World War II, the fortunes of Tak, his family and 120,000 American citizens of Japanese background changed dramatically. Tak and his parents were incarcerated in first an “assembly center” and then an “internment camp” in Merced, California and then moved to a camp in Amache, Colorado.  On unfounded fear the U.S. government moved these thousands of people to ten hastily built “camps” surrounded by barbed wire and watch towers with soldiers with guns.  Without due process for any crime except their country of origin most lost their businesses, farms, homes and good reputations. Learn more about Takashi Moriuchi here.

Help For Ukraine: If you are looking for a way to help those who are suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine, Episcopal Relief and Development is working with partners on the ground and can connect your donation directly with folks in need. Read more about the response here or donate here

Resources for Elder Care: As our family members get older it can be hard to find the best resources to help them navigate their day to day. If your family has gone through this type of transition, we want to hear from you. Trinity is compiling a list of resources to share with those who may be struggling to help their aging family members. If you would like to offer a recommendation or share your insights, please contact Kate.

Items We Could Use in Our Food Pantry: Our pantry is running low, and we are in urgent need of these items:

  • Soup
  • Vegetables
  • Pancake Mix
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Cereal 
  • Pasta and pasta sauce
  • Fruit (shelf-stable in a cup or can)
  • Jelly
  • Rice
  • ShopRite gift cards in $25 amounts

Some helpful things to consider:

  • Canned foods with pop lids ensure access without the needing a can opener
    Donations may be dropped off at the office. 

Capital Campaign Spotlight

Thank you, Trinity!

And Congratulations! You have succeeded in bringing the Campaign for Trinity over goal!

To date, we have received just over $1.52 million in recorded commitments from 132 families, and we have exceeded the $1.5 million goal we set for ourselves when we launched the campaign.

We have so much to be proud of, as we have come together in our commitment to a strong and welcoming future right in the middle of a global pandemic and challenges our community had never seen before. Because of you, and your faithful commitment, we’ll be building our buildings and ourselves into a community that looks just a bit more like Jesus himself, welcoming with open doors and open arms.
The physical work on our buildings will begin quietly before the end of the year, starting with some structure and safety projects. I’m so excited to see the first projects get underway as we begin building our physical spaces just a little bit more like the kingdom of God. 
If you missed the opportunity to invest, and want to join us in building Trinity’s future, you can visit our website to learn more, or record your own commitment. And if you’re already “all in for Trinity” and haven’t yet received your thank you gift, please pick it up at one of our worship services (or call the office if you can’t join us on Sunday.)
We’re all in, and all together!
Thank you, Trinity!

You can read more about the projects planned for Trinity here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to campaign co-chairs Lorraine Ryan and Bruce Velzy

Other News You Can Use:

Free Covid Test Kits: You can now order four free at-home COVID testing kits per household from the federal government: Visit this website and enter your first and last name, e-mail address, and street address. You can also order the kits by phone at 1-800-232-0233.  The test kits will start being mailed out at the end of January 2022.

Zoom Sunday School at 9:00am on Sundays, kindly contact Mrs. Andonie for the meeting link
Sunday School at home: Download our weekly lessons available on the Children’s education page of our website. We encourage you to explore the activity sheets listed on the page as well.
Family Prayer Partnerships:  Perhaps teaming up with another family within the congregation to learn lessons and hold Children’s chapel together seems like a great option.  If you are interested in participating, kindly contact Christine Andonie We are happy to provide a children’s chapel guide and lesson schedule for each group. 
*Please note, these materials will also be available on the Children’s education page of our website.
Do you have a Sunday school idea you would like to share?  Until we meet again as a church family, let’s keep our Trinity family engaged, together!

Monday Basic Bible Study/Reflection: Seeing the Big Picture of God’s Love but Intimidated by the Bible? What if there were an easy path to follow to get acquainted with the Bible, and see the whole story? AND a chance to have friends along the way? Join a relaxed group on Zoom Mondays from 7-8 p.m We are going to use The Path: A Journey Through the Bible to guide our sessions the next few months, and follow the path of God’s love all the way from the beginning to the end, from Adam’s creation to John’s revelation. You do not need to know or prepare anything ahead of time. If you are interested, feel free to attend any Monday. If you have any questions, contact Kristina Van Name

Sunday afternoon adult Bible study is offered on Sundays at 12:45 via Zoom.  All are welcome. This year we will start with some of the David stories from recent lectionary readings, then move on to the Gospel of Luke in November. Participants can expect to get email notes and a few guiding questions prior to each class to help us focus the discussion. There will also be a schedule of passages we hope to cover each week. Sometimes we will stick to the schedule and sometimes . . . well, we try.  However, it is always scripture study and always lively. No need to make a long-term weekly commitment.  The lessons are designed to accommodate  “regulars” and “drop-ins.”  If you might be interested, but have not participated in the past, please email Julie Bathke so you can be included in the weekly group email. Past participants, you are already in that group. And, if you don’t want more emails clogging up your inbox, skip the group email and join us anyway. There is always a place for you.

Office hours: Our office is typically open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are still occasions when no staff are available to answer the door, so if you need to be sure we are here, please call first.

Forward Day by Day: New daily devotional booklets are available in the bell tower entrance on Sundays, and in the office. You can also subscribe by email, or get the e-books for your daily devotions through Forward Movement online. Also check out the app for your phone or tablet. It has the daily reflection and links to daily readings, daily prayer and to keep a journal.

Need a hymnal, prayer book, or Bible? Trinity is retiring a few of our pew books and library bibles. Please take a look at the box in the tower entrance and take home a prayer book, hymnal, or bible to use at home.

Evening Prayer: On Tuesdays at 7 pm Bob Litsinger offers a service of Evening Prayer by Zoom. You can join the service from a landline phone as well as online, but you will need a password. Contact Bob Litsinger by email or 856-571-0008 for the password, details or directions. It’s a wonderful way to add connection, prayer, and peace to your week.

Personal evening prayer alternatives: Of course, not everyone can join the formal evening prayer service that is done on Tuesday. The time commit and time of the event are both an obstacle for many. If you only have time for one prayer, that can still have valuable spiritual and personal value I have some options for you. These three are prayers accompanied by music. The first is a music background with scrolling words. The other two are sung.

You might enjoy listening to these and may even want to use one as an evening prayer for yourself or family. — Bob Litsinger

The Deacon Leslie Scholarship Fund helps low income children attend Trinity Preschool where they receive a positive learning experience with focus on Christian ideals. Your donations can make a difference in a young child’s life.  To donate, view the Outreach page.

As the COVID vaccines roll out we can do our part to support the health of the community by getting vaccinated if your health allows it. Information about vaccine availability, timelines, and distribution is here:  

Having trouble finding a vaccine for yourself or someone close to you, or want to help other people find access? Visit the Diocese of New Jersey’s Vaccine Help Page to get assistance or volunteer.

Thank you for keeping up with your pledge!
There are many ways that you can pay your pledge or make an outreach or discretionary fund donation. You can mail your check or have your bank mail your check through online bill paying.  Paying by check or online banking are the preferred payment methods. If you have   PayPal, you can send money to Add a note or message designating what your gift is for. Be sure to choose “Sending to a friend” or “Friends and family” not “Goods and Services” or not  “Paying for an item or service.” This will save Trinity from being charged fees. In order for you to not be charged fees you can link your bank account instead of a credit card. You can also contribute through our website. Please note on your check what your payment is for. Trinity’s mailing address is: Trinity Episcopal Church, 207 W. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057. 

Community News

Burlington County has opened a COVID testing clinic that is available to all who live, work or go to school in Burlington County. No appointment necessary and results within 24-48 hours. Learn more here.

Do you know a senior in or near Cinnaminson or Delran who is feeling alone and in need of a kind word or connection? The CinDel “C”enior Connect group is organized to help with letters, cards, small gifts and holiday remembrance. Connect with them on Facebook at CinDel Cenior Connect to suggest a senior or to volunteer.

If you are looking for resources to support sobriety, start a conversation, or answer questions about alcohol or drug misuse, was developed by a coalition of communications and substance misuse experts as a resource website to help people get started in finding support, treatment, or understanding.


Parishioners are asked to pray for the people on our prayer list. Persons prayed for will be kept on the prayer list for three weeks. If you would like to have someone put on the prayer list, or if you want them to remain on the list after three weeks, or if someone is on the list who should be removed, please notify the Church Office at 856/235-0811 or email us.