Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Trinity Weekly Announcements

December 11th
Third Sunday of Advent

Worship & Study:

Under new protocols adopted by the Vestry, masking is currently optional at Trinity worship services and fellowship activities. You are welcome to wear a mask at any time, and encouraged to do so when community risk levels are high.

A mask-required section of pews will be set aside for those needing or wanting the protection of masks in worship. Masks covering your nose and mouth and fitting close to your face are required for all those seated in that section. These pews are marked at each end.  

If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, please join us online and do not attend in-person worship.

10 a.m. service will be live streamed and available on YouTube, Facebook, and our website all day.

Sunday, December 11th

  • 8:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist
  • 9:00 a.m. – Fellowship Hour
  • 9:00 a.m. – Classes for children and youth 4th grade and up
  • 10:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist
  • 10:00 a.m. – Nursery care and classes for children pre-K through 3rd grade

Download the Worship Program Here

Sunday Bible Study: Sunday afternoon at 12:45 p. via Zoom

Basic Bible Study/Reflection: Monday evenings at 7 pm via Zoom

Evening Prayer: Tuesday evenings at 7 pm via Zoom (Download Program Here)


Sabbatical Forum This Sunday: Want to learn more about plans for Mother Emily’s sabbatical leave that will happen in February and March? Join us for coffee and conversation in the parish hall this Sunday morning (12/11) at 9 a.m.

Christmas Caroling Party Saturday, Dec. 17, 3:30-6:30 PM; This fun Trinity tradition changes a little each year. This year we’ll start with festive refreshments and a singing warm-up in the Parish Hall. Afterwards we will follow carpool routes to sing for several members of the congregation at their homes. All ages and singing abilities are welcome. Please RSVP to Nancy Matthews or Liz Louie so that we can plan the caroling routes ahead of time.

Living Well Through Advent 2022 Devotional from Living Compass:The theme for this Advent devotional is Practicing Simplicity with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind. Life and ministry can be incredibly complex in these challenging times. Living Compass’ prayer this Advent is that we all benefit from slowing down enough that we are able to reflect on how we can listen to the Spirit’s invitation to practice simplicity.
Living Compass’ programs and materials are grounded in some of the following beliefs.  Wellness is wholistic—it involves heart, soul, strength, and mind, addressing eight inter-related areas of wellness: Spirituality, Rest & Play, Care for the Body, Stress Resilience, Healthy Relationships, Handling Emotions, Organization, and Vocation. A belief that the Spirit is always calling us to renewal, healing, and change. An invitation to reflect on how our spirituality is serving (or not) as a primary compass in our lives. A spiritually grounded approach to wellness is not self-centered, it is not “ten steps to a better me;” it focuses instead on being well so that we can be well to love and serve our neighbor. We can’t pour from an empty cup, and so we need to love and care for ourselves so that we can love and care for our neighbor. It has been said that, “Hurt people, hurt people.” We know this to be true. We also know it to be true that, “Healed people, heal people.”
You can access the daily devotionals 5 ways:
1. Pick up a booklet in the bell tower on Sunday or at the office during the week
2. Download as a free PDF in English or Spanish
3. Purchase as an e-book from Amazon for $0.99 in English or Spanish
4. Sign up to receive a daily email for free
5. Access the readings online

New This Week:

Advent and Christmas Service Schedule: Our Advent and Christmas Services page has everything you need to prepare for the season including a list of special services, resources for Advent and a video of the 2020 Christmas Pageant written and performed by the Trinity Youth!

Candidates for Bishop Announced: In January, the Diocese of New Jersey will elect a new bishop to lead our diocese. A team of leaders from across the diocese has spent months reviewing profiles, meeting with candidates, praying and discerning who might be called to be our next bishop.  That group now presents the diocese with a slate of five candidates for the whole diocese to get to know, and from whom we will choose our next bishop.
You can read about the candidates here. We’ll have an opportunity to meet the candidates in person and by Zoom during the week of January 9, and on January 28, representatives from every congregation in the diocese will gather to elect our next bishop. The three diocesan delegates elected at our annual meeting last year, Bob Litsinger, Abby Merk, and Kristina Van Name, will represent Trinity at that election, along with Mother Emily and Mother Angie. 

Project Interaction Bare Essentials Collection: Project Interaction is once again collecting for “Bare Essentials” bags to be distributed to the homeless in Camden at Christmas. The Outreach committee needs 150 full size men’s and 50 women’s deodorant.  It would mean so much to those receiving these bags at Christmas because they have so little. Please help Outreach in their efforts. Place donations in the container by the church office door no later than Sunday, Dec. 18th. “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17

Construction Updates: You might notice that the work on our wheelchair accessibility ramp seems to have disappeared into new plantings. This is because the final stages of concrete pour on our new ramp revealed a flaw in the project plan none of the team were equipped to discover, which calls for a rebuild. We ‘ve gotten the necessary new information and are in the process of revising the design to adapt. Because of features of our ground, the new plan will approach the door from a different angle and have a simpler design. We hope to have the new ramp completed next month. In the meantime, our new landscaping to enhance our welcoming exterior is nearly completed and will work with the ramp rebuild to invite people into our space. Entrance through the bell tower is limited to the single door from the cloister garden (one step). You can also enter the church from the Church Street doors (multiple steps). You can find updates on Capital Campaign Projects here.

Household Items Pantry:

In order to best serve our community, Trinity has decided to shift the items we will be offering at our pantry from food to non-perishable household necessities that are not covered under EBT or SNAP. We hope this shift will help ease some of the financial strain of the families we serve. We will be asking for the following items:

  • Baby wipes
  • Household cleaning supplies (dish soap, disinfectant spray)
  • Dish Detergent
  • Laundry Detergent (Tide, Cheer, Gain) 
  • Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
  • Women’s Deodorant (Secret, Dove, Degree)
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

Please do not donate any used or opened products. We understand that many of these items can be purchased in bulk. Please ensure that products purchased in bulk can be safely separated. For example: bulk toilet paper or paper towels can be separated by roll whereas bulk laundry detergent cannot be easily made available to more than one guest. We are excited to help fill a growing need in our community and appreciate your support!

Help with Hurricane Relief: Episcopal Relief and Development Hurricane Relief Fund works with partners on the ground to address immediate needs and longer-term rebuilding for those who have been affected by Hurricanes Fiona and Ian. The Diocese of Southwest Florida has a bishop’s fund set up for hurricane relief that can help with unusual or specific individual or congregation needs in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Sunday School News:
Sunday school for grades 4 and up, these children will attend the 10:00 service
Good Shepherds Club will be offered during this time for grades 3 and lower, location TBD
10:00- 11:15
Pre-K through Grade 3 will attend Sunday school at 10:00. The older children (grades 2 &3) will meet in the chapel first and then go to their classrooms.  The younger children (grades 1 and lower) will attend chapel at 10:15 and return to their classes after the service.
Grades 2 & 3 will attend church at the peace
Grade 1 will start attending church at the peace in the Spring
**Classroom locations will be posted in the old kitchen.
Please note: Safety is the priority. Children are to wash their hands upon arrival. If your child is sick, please keep them home. Volunteer opportunities are ongoing.

Help For Ukraine: If you are looking for a way to help those who are suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine, Episcopal Relief and Development is working with partners on the ground and can connect your donation directly with folks in need. Read more about the response here or donate here

Resources for Elder Care: As our family members get older it can be hard to find the best resources to help them navigate their day to day. If your family has gone through this type of transition, we want to hear from you. Trinity is compiling a list of resources to share with those who may be struggling to help their aging family members. If you would like to offer a recommendation or share your insights, please contact Kate.

Monday Basic Bible Study/Reflection: Seeing the Big Picture of God’s Love but Intimidated by the Bible? What if there were an easy path to follow to get acquainted with the Bible, and see the whole story? AND a chance to have friends along the way? Join a relaxed group on Zoom Mondays from 7-8 p.m. We are going to use The Path: A Journey Through the Bible to guide our sessions the next few months and follow the path of God’s love all the way from the beginning to the end, from Adam’s creation to John’s revelation. You do not need to know or prepare anything ahead of time. If you are interested, feel free to attend any Monday. If you have any questions, contact Kristina Van Name

Office hours: Our office is typically open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are still occasions when no staff are available to answer the door, so if you need to be sure we are here, please call first.

Forward Day by Day: New daily devotional booklets are available in the bell tower entrance on Sundays, and in the office. You can also subscribe by email, or get the e-books for your daily devotions through Forward Movement online. Also check out the app for your phone or tablet. It has the daily reflection and links to daily readings, daily prayer and to keep a journal.

Need a hymnal, prayer book, or Bible? Trinity is retiring a few of our pew books and library bibles. Please take a look at the box in the tower entrance and take home a prayer book, hymnal, or bible to use at home.

Evening Prayer: On Tuesdays at 7 pm Bob Litsinger offers a service of Evening Prayer by Zoom. You can join the service from a landline phone as well as online, but you will need a password. Contact Bob Litsinger by email or 856-571-0008 for the password, details or directions. It’s a wonderful way to add connection, prayer, and peace to your week.

Personal evening prayer alternatives: Of course, not everyone can join the formal evening prayer service that is done on Tuesday. The time commit and time of the event are both an obstacle for many. If you only have time for one prayer, that can still have valuable spiritual and personal value I have some options for you. These three are prayers accompanied by music. The first is a music background with scrolling words. The other two are sung.

You might enjoy listening to these and may even want to use one as an evening prayer for yourself or family. — Bob Litsinger

The Deacon Leslie Scholarship Fund helps low income children attend Trinity Preschool where they receive a positive learning experience with focus on Christian ideals. Your donations can make a difference in a young child’s life.  To donate, view the Outreach page.

As the COVID vaccines roll out we can do our part to support the health of the community by getting vaccinated if your health allows it. Information about vaccine availability, timelines, and distribution is here:  

Having trouble finding a vaccine for yourself or someone close to you, or want to help other people find access? Visit the Diocese of New Jersey’s Vaccine Help Page to get assistance or volunteer.

Thank you for keeping up with your pledge!
There are many ways that you can pay your pledge or make an outreach or discretionary fund donation. You can mail your check or have your bank mail your check through online bill paying.  Paying by check or online banking are the preferred payment methods. If you have PayPal, you can send money to Add a note or message designating what your gift is for. Be sure to choose “Sending to a friend” or “Friends and family” not “Goods and Services” or not “Paying for an item or service.” This will save Trinity from being charged fees. In order for you to not be charged fees you can link your bank account instead of a credit card. You can also contribute through our website. Please note on your check what your payment is for. Trinity’s mailing address is Trinity Episcopal Church, 207 W. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057. 

Community News

Burlington County has opened a COVID testing clinic that is available to all who live, work or go to school in Burlington County. No appointment necessary and results within 24-48 hours. Learn more here.

Do you know a senior in or near Cinnaminson or Delran who is feeling alone and in need of a kind word or connection? The CinDel “C”enior Connect group is organized to help with letters, cards, small gifts and holiday remembrance. Connect with them on Facebook at CinDel Cenior Connect to suggest a senior or to volunteer.

If you are looking for resources to support sobriety, start a conversation, or answer questions about alcohol or drug misuse, was developed by a coalition of communications and substance misuse experts as a resource website to help people get started in finding support, treatment, or understanding.


Parishioners are asked to pray for the people on our prayer list. Persons prayed for will be kept on the prayer list for three weeks. If you would like to have someone put on the prayer list, or if you want them to remain on the list after three weeks, or if someone is on the list who should be removed, please notify the Church Office at 856/235-0811 or email us.