Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Sally Campolucci’s Story

As a member of Trinity Church, I have found a faith home as well as a community. I feel strongly that as a member of a community, it’s important to participate as fully as possible.

As a member of the Altar guild, I am involved in preparing the altar for Sunday services.  We are also on call for other services.  I have been active in the Sunday Bible study with Julie Bathke.

It’s a very interesting class, especially to a “recovering Catholic” who knows nothing about the Bible.  The discussions are informative and lively.  The group comes from a variety of church backgrounds which makes it even more fun.  I’m looking forward to the new class this fall.  It has been a real education for me.

I make an annual pledge to Trinity to support the church and its mission. Anyone who has ever been on a board knows that in order to budget for the future, committed pledges are a great help. By making a pledge, the vestry can depend on the income.  It is so easy to auto debit from my checking account weekly.

I feel blessed to have found a community as warm and welcoming as Trinity has been.