Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Giving and Pledging FAQ

Q: What does it mean to make a pledge? 

A: Faithful stewardship is a commitment to manage one’s time, talents, or money as an expression of faith and a personal response to God’s generosity. An annual pledge represents a monetary commitment to help Trinity to fund ministry and church operations, based in the faith that guides your stewardship of all your resources. A pledge is a statement of intent, not a legal obligation. It can be changed at any time.

Q: Why should I pledge? I have given faithfully in the past.

A: While every gift is greatly appreciated, pledging is a very important part of Trinity’s budget planning.  Knowing in advance the total income we can expect from pledging allows our Vestry and staff to plan for the ministry that will be financially possible in the coming year. Over two-thirds of our income comes from pledges, so it is essential that we have an accurate estimate of this income when we budget.

Q: I just donated to the Capital Campaign.  How is Stewardship different from the Capital Campaign?

A: The Capital Campaign was focused on raising money specifically to pay for certain one-time building improvements and major repairs. Stewardship, on the other hand, provides the ongoing operating funds needed for Trinity’s daily ministry in the lives of our members, visitors, and newcomers all year long.  Many of these expenses accrue every month, year-round. 

Q: This is an important decision for me. I am concerned about my employment status / financial security. What if it changes?

A: Unexpected events happen. We know such situations can cause financial hardship, and we hope that you would share that you are experiencing such a hardship so that we can be supportive of you during such a time. Your peace and recovery is a priority for the church.  If you are unable to continue your financial commitment, please reach out to the church office. You can adjust or eliminate your pledge based on your new circumstances.

Q: I am unable to make significant gifts. Do small gifts matter?

A: Absolutely, small gifts matter and they do add up. For example, if ten more people pledged just $10 per week, it would cover the supplies, curriculum, and other practical resources for our children’s, youth, and adult classes. Yes, every gift makes a difference, and every gift is appreciated.

Q: Do I receive a statement?

A: Yes, you will receive periodic statements of your contributions during the course of the year, both for your tax records and to confirm the accuracy of our records.

Q: How do I pay my pledge?

There are many ways to pay a pledge.  The most common are a check by mail, electronic transfer online, or by using cash or check placed in the offering plate in person.  Additional details are provided on our website:  Please contact the church office for further information, as needed, for less common payment methods such as appreciated securities, donor-advised funds, or for your specific situation.