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A message from Episcopal Community Services of New Jersey

As Episcopalians, we are attuned to the growing sense of need everywhere we look. We feel deeply that we should help the vulnerable. We subscribe to the message: “There but for the Grace of God go I.”  So now is the time to do what we Episcopalians do best: Love our fellow humans and prove our commitment in the words we speak and in the actions we take. These very thoughts inspired our Bishop to create Episcopal Community Services of the Diocese of New Jersey (ECS-NJ), a new initiative that focuses on proactively addressing human needs and relentlessly working against both social and racial injustice.

As the ECS-NJ Advisory Council, we have been working diligently to promote this wonderful initiative in which we all believe so strongly. Perhaps you have attended a briefing with the Bishop, invited us to present to your vestry, attended one of our monthly events, or applied for a grant. We have been supporting all these efforts, and we’re excited to announce our newest diocesan-wide endeavor.

Bishop Stokes has named December 5 as ECS Sunday, a day of prayer, reflection, renewed awareness, and fundraising for ECS-NJ. We ask that you encourage your parishioners to help us in this effort by celebrating ECS-NJ in your congregation. December 5 serves as an opportunity for us all to unite to support one another in our common call as we stand at the intersection of justice and human need. Together we are stronger.

And together we can make a difference. Fundraising is an important piece in building the foundation of ECS-NJ. In order to provide grants to our churches to grow existing ministries and encourage exciting new initiatives, ECS-NJ depends on the support of us all. We invite all congregations to join in our fundraising efforts on ECS Sunday to help us expand and strengthen our impact. We have prepared a list of ways you and your congregation can support us philanthropically on ECS Sunday and will be providing a video with more information. What we’re building here will become vitally important in the life of our diocese.

We cannot do this alone. We would greatly appreciate your help, and it is our hope that each of our churches will join us in action and prayer. As we unite in song and prayer that day, we will know that our brothers and sisters throughout the diocese are joining us as we raise our voices to Heaven.

Please pray for the success of this mission. We are so grateful for your help in this endeavor. Thank you so much.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joan, Dave, Tom, or Phyllis (contact info provided)


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