Growing in Love of God and Neighbor


In addition to Immediate Gifts, which are gifts provided to the charity in the current time, there is an option to provide gifts in the future.  Deferred Gifts provided through a Will (or a bequest or a trust) is a common example of a future gift.

Many parishioners have participated in Trinity worship and events for many years and would like to help provide for Trinity’s future through their estate planning.  If you are so inclined, we would be most grateful, as these gifts through the years have contributed significantly to help sustain our work.  Please consult your lawyer for how to add Trinity Episcopal Church to your Will.

We would like to honor the individuals named below for remembering Trinity in their wills.

In the past 5 years, 4 people have made financial gifts to Trinity Episcopal Church through estate/will planning.  We are very grateful for these gifts.  All bequests go directly into Trinity’s Endowment fund, unless otherwise specified.

Thomas Whisonant and his wife Martha were active members of Trinity Church.

Enid Pitman born in England in 1925 emigrated to the United States and spent many happy years in Niagara Falls where she met her beloved husband John and started their family. After moving to Moorestown in 1953, she joined Trinity Episcopal Church and began volunteering throughout the community. Enid was a member of the Altar Guild and Church Women United.

Helen Louise Waller and her husband Admiral R. R. Waller were parishioners of Trinity Church.

Anne LeDuc was a long-time member at Trinity Church. Anne served on the Vestry at Trinity, was an active member of Trinity’s Outreach Commission, a valued member of the Christian Education Committee at Trinity, she attended the St. Anne’s Guild and in her last few years, she enjoyed attending Trinity’s Book Group. Anne coached girls’ field hockey, swimming, lacrosse, basketball among other sports during her long career. After retiring she owned and managed the Chalfonte hotel in Cape May, NJ.

Trinity expresses our gratitude for the above bequests. We truly appreciate all of our parishioners and pray for those who have passed on. May their souls and the souls of all the departed, rest in peace.