Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Asian American Pacific Islanders Heritage Month – May 2023

Prayers for the asian american pacific islander community

During this final week of May, as we conclude our celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the members of the God’s Diversity Committee invite you to join us as we prayer for forgiveness and strength:

O God of all nations and all peoples, our nation once, in time of war, forcibly interned in camps, without trial and without just cause, many of our own people because of their Japanese ancestry. Grant us, by your grace, the strength and courage never again to treat as enemies any entire group of persons, solely because of the enmity of some members of that group, but to defend and preserve the basic human rights of all people, even in times of distress, for the sake of your Son who died for all. Amen.

The Episcopal Diocesan Commission to End Racism

During this third week of Asian American Pacific Islander recognition and appreciation month, the members of the God’s Diversity Committee wish to share a prayer by a leading Korean-American theologian and Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion in Indiana, Rev, Grace Ji-Sun Kim.
Gracious God,
we confess that we have failed our
Asian American and Pacific Islander siblings.
We have bought into the
“model minority” and “honorary white” myth
while treating our siblings as perpetual foreigners.
We fail to learn about the
many different peoples, cultures, and nations
you have created and you love.
We fail to seek out and tell
the stories of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
in our schools, colleges, seminaries, and churches.
Forgive us, God.
Forgive our neglect and indifference.
Forgive our stereotyping, prejudice, and racism.
Forgive us for making our
Asian American and Pacific Islander siblings
Inspire us to turn around,
to build connections,
to stop “othering” our siblings,
to embrace one another in love,
and to make your beloved
Asian American and Pacific Islander children
We pray in Jesus’ name.
inspired by Invisible: Theology and the Experience of Asian American Women by the Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day and continue our recognition of the Asian-American Pacific Islander community, we invite you to join the members of the God’s Diversity Committee in prayer for all mothers and for our Asian sisters who are mothers, grandmothers, aunties, wives and coworkers:

Dear Lord, help those who suffer the pain of patriarchy, misogyny, and are seen as submissive exotic Asian sexual objects. We pray for healing and the restoration of the spirit from brokenness because of these injustices. Because the voices of women are so often dismissed and ignored, we ask you to unleash a powerful fierceness, freedom, and courage in all women with special recognition this month for Asian American women.

Prayers adapted from the writings of Brenda Jo Wong, InterVarsity Campus Ministries, April 12, 2021.

In the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes throughout the United States. The Asian- American Pacific Islander community has not been spared and has instead experienced an unprecedented number of brutal violent attacks against its members on city streets, on public transit, in stores and work places.

We all grieve our broken world in which violence is so prevalent. As witnesses to unrelenting acts of ignorance, hatred and cruelty, we are beginning to understand the burden of fear carried by so many, especially Americans of color who are so frequently victimized. We acknowledge the sin of racism and the trauma it causes and pray that with God’s help, we may comfort those who are oppressed and dehumanized by their fellow Americans. May the Spirit guide and strengthen us to work tirelessly to make our society and all its institutions more equal and just and safe.

As we begin this month of recognition of Asian-American and Pacific Island Heritage, please join the members of the God’s Diversity Committee in prayer:

Dear Lord, we seek your nearness for the families and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones to racial violence. We lament with you and with our Asian-American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters over this violence and terror. We repent our own pride, bias, and earthly desires and ask you to cleanse our hearts.

God, our Father, we ask you to build unity in the Church so that believers stand in solidarity both in times of celebration and of sorrow.

Dear Lord, with your help, may we acknowledge the real grief and alarm many are experiencing while also remembering that your perfect love drives out all our fear and your enduring peace guards our hearts and minds. Amen

Adapted from the American Bible Society