Trinity Episcopal Church of Moorestown

Mission Statement

Trinity Episcopal Church is a worshiping community of Christians responding to God's call to love Christ, to know Christ, and to serve in our time and in this place. We are called, collectively and individually, to proclaim by word and by example, the Good News of God in Christ, seeking and serving Christ in all persons, striving for justice and peace among all people, and respecting the dignity of every human being. As faithful stewards of God's bounty, we pledge ourselves to an ever-deepening personal commitment to use our resources rightly in the service of others to his honor and glory, and we invite all persons to join us in giving themselves to this ministry of God's work in our community and his world.

Trinity Episcopal Church of Moorestown

Trinity Church has had a long and distinguished presence in Moorestown. We stand at an exciting new threshold in our history as we begin the new millennium. We face the problems and the challenges of a new century and already we are beginning to see a resurgence of spirit and growth that is necessary if we are to survive into this new century. We invite YOU to join us!


Who We Are

episcopal church moorestownTrinity is a broad and inclusive church. We have room under our roof for people from all different backgrounds and cultures, with a wide variety of different customs, points of view, lifestyles and talents. This parish will continue to embrace them all and enable them to exercise the ministries to which they feel that God has called them together. Together, we can work as a well-coordinated body of Christ in the world, wonderfully bound by His Spirit, with everything that we do resounding with His praise and for His glory.