Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Virtual ministries Fair

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinity has had to become creative on how we stay connected to each other and with our worship services. In other years when we all came back in the fall, our Ministry Fair gave you an opportunity to volunteer for the many ministries Trinity offers.  We cannot have that event in person during the pandemic so we will try this Virtual Ministry Fair. 

The volunteers we need right now are Ushers, Lay Readers, and Pastoral Care Volunteers. Ushers and Lay Readers help us to continue to have our Sunday Worship Services.  Their duties have changed somewhat to accommodate the COVID-19 restrictions and make them as safe as possible.  Pastoral Care volunteers help us maintain and renew the connections that keep our congregation strong. 

Below are descriptions of the many ministries of Trinity, including our featured ministries where we need special help during the pandemic.  Many ministries are not meeting in their regular form right now – and may be on hiatus for the duration of the pandemic – but all will have opportunities for participants and volunteers that develop over time as things change or return. Let us know now what you would like to be connected to in the future as well as right now! 

Please complete the form below to indicate your interest in any of these ministries – giving special consideration to our featured ministries of Lay Readers, Ushers, and Pastoral Care—and ministry leaders will be in touch with you. 


Ministries that Trinity is in need of now.

USHERS:  Ushers need to be responsible for ensuring that people who attend worship are checked in for contact tracing, can find their seats and follow the COVID protocols for worship. Ushers need to be comfortable giving directions in a friendly manner.  The ushers will also need to be welcoming to newcomers who may not realize they need to register in advance to attend. 

LAY READERS: Becoming a lay reader provides a wonderful opportunity to participate directly in Trinity’s worship services. Parishioners who are uncomfortable with reading at the live services in church may participate as the reader for the 9:15 am telephone service and help strengthen the connections within our church family. In this time when everyday human contact is so limited; becoming a lay reader is one way we reach out to others.  

PASTORAL CARE:  Before the pandemic Deacon Leslie and some parishioners were ministering to our shut-ins with visitations, administering communion and keeping them connected to Trinity.  When the pandemic began, we recruited people to contact shut-ins and other vulnerable parishioners, and our Sunday school classes sent cards to many parishioners.  Some of that is still happening but we need more volunteers to continue to reach out to each other and especially help parishioners who cannot get out, or might not have the capabilities to watch our services or read email news, stay connected with the life of Trinity. Staying connected is so important to our well-being and safety, and is a source of joy to many of our volunteers as well as to those who receive check in calls and cards.   


ALTAR GUILD: The Altar Guild gathers weekly each Saturday morning in groups to sweep and dust, polish and shine silver/brass, fill candles with liquid wax, set out unleavened bread, decant wine, grape juice and change hangings for the appropriate season. We enjoy our work and the company of each other as we share our experiences and support one another during our ups and downs.

FLOWER GUILD: The Flower Guild arranges the flowers to be placed on the altar for the Sunday service. It is a chance to do something enjoyable and contribute something to the Church without a huge commitment of time.
The Flower Guild is comprised of 19 members who, on a rotating basis, create floral designs for Sunday services. There are six leaders who have the responsibility of planning the design and purchasing materials and the leader and member work together on an arrangement. A member’s name comes up 3 or 4 times a year. It is a 1-2 hour commitment to work on Sunday flowers and all are asked to help, as their schedule permits, with Easter and Christmas decorating.

MUSIC: Trinity’s music ministry strives to provide the parish and community with inspiring music for Sunday morning liturgies and for special events throughout the year. Seven vocal choirs: three youth choirs (Canterbury, Carol, and Cherub) , three adult choirs ( Trinity, Coventry, and Chamber) and our relatively new Summer Choir (open to all ages). While the main goal of the choirs is to lead the singing in our worship services, they also give our choristers the opportunity to make music together, and enjoy social time as well — a great combination!

ACOLYTES: The youth of Trinity get the opportunity to actively participate in religious services and serve God and the parishioners.

CHALICE BEARERS: The chalice bearers at Trinity read our Sunday Scripture, usually the second lesson and assists the priests and deacon in administering the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Lay persons who are authorized to take the Consecrated Elements in a timely manner following a Celebration of the Holy Eucharist to members of the congregation who by reason of illness or infirmity are unable to be present at the Celebration.

WELCOMING COMMITTEE: The welcoming committee assesses and improves how Trinity welcomes people who are new to the church. Those who may just be visiting for a service or they might be seeking a new church home. Making sure everyone can find what they need, both literally and spiritually.


SUNDAY SCHOOL: Our goal is to study, worship, and grow in Christ’s love together. Our Sunday School teachers, Chapel leaders, and workshop leaders for the Good Shepherd’s Club help bring Sunday School together at Trinity. Many volunteers are needed to help out with our Sunday morning programs for children, and there are many options for short- and long-term commitments. If you want to share your gifts with the children of our congregation, we’ll find a spot for you!

YOUTH EDUCATION: Our youth classes (Rite 13, J2A, and YAC), for middle and high school students, focus on learning how to use the teachings of our faith in everyday matters of self and society, as our children grow into adulthood.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY: Adult Bible Study is an opportunity to read, discuss, pray, and share insights into various excerpts of the bible or specific books of the Bible. If you haven’t tried Bible study, this is a great way to begin. Please join us any Sunday. Currently, via Zoom.  

Discipleship for Episcopalians (Friends of Jesus) takes timeless principals of Christian discipleship and weaves them into living as disciples in the Episcopal tradition.  Various small groups within the parish meet with these guides to offer a way for Episcopalians to reaffirm the reality that they are indeed disciples of Jesus.


MEN’S CLUB BREAKFAST: The Men’s group meets monthly to enjoy breakfast and hear from guest speakers on many interesting topics.  

BOOK CLUB: The Page Brigade Online Book Group, Trinity’s Teen Online Book Club, or the Trinity Book Club all meet to discuss books and enjoy fellowship. Our two new online book groups are currently meeting via zoom and are open to anyone wanting to participate!

CALENDAR PARTY: This annual fundraiser held in May, has 12 hostesses, each inviting 10 guests to a table decorated for their chosen month of the year. Guests bid on various baskets and items offered during the event. Baskets are organized and decorated by the Calendar Party team. Volunteers help work the event and proceeds go to Trinity’s general fund.


GARDEN ANGELS: The Garden Angels gather at least one day a month, during the growing season to maintain the gardens, enjoy fellowship, and trade stories of success and tribulations of growing plants.

PROPERTY: The members of the property commission help keep the buildings at Trinity safe and working to ensure that our church can continue to provide worship, fellowship and service to the community. They usually meet on the first Monday of the month and provide insights and opinions on the work that needs to be done at Trinity.

GODS DIVERSITY: The God’s Diversity Committee strives to increase awareness, appreciation and knowledge of diverse people; to provide programs, spiritual services and other activities, that demonstrate the beauty of various cultures; to cultivate opportunities for inclusion, acceptance and understanding; to move through the world with open and accepting hearts as a way to strengthen our community and spread the word of God; to enable individuals to identify, develop and use their spiritual and other gifts to cultivate prophetic witnessing; and to develop and exemplify a set of core values that include excellence, accountability, transparency, and respect in all that we say and do.

VESTRY: The Vestry is the governing body of Trinity, made up of 9 Vestry Members and 2 Wardens, elected from the members of the congregation. The Vestry oversees the budget and finances of the church, provides leadership for all the ministries of the congregation, and supports and advises the Rector on the life of the congregation.


OUTREACH COMMISSION: Parishioners oversee and participate in a variety of activities aimed to help those who are not as fortunate as we. Through donations and fundraising events, the outreach commission continues to provide scholarship opportunities for students at local schools and funding to organizations that serve those in need of food, shelter and other necessities of life.

Please select the ministry(s) below that you are interested in and submit the form. The ministry leader will contact you with more information about the ministry. As mentioned above, due to our current conditions, not all ministries are actively meeting, but please don’t let that stop you from selecting one that you may be interested in. Let us know what you would like to be connected to now and in the future!