Growing in Love of God and Neighbor

Easter memoriaLs

Thank you to all who offered a special gift to enhance our Easter worship services. We will apply these gifts to special music and flowers for a service when we are all able to worship in the church again. This week, we offer our services with particular thanksgiving for all those in whose honor or memory Easter gifts have been given.

In Memory of: Given by:
Mr. & Mrs. George Maxfield
Earl E. Johnson
Nancy & Jim Johnson
Bryce & Twyla KerrBrian & Cindy Kerr
Amy WallaceThe Wallace Family
Loved onesHolly & Ed Pearson
Jean ThomasHerb & Liz Thomas
Our ParentsHenry & Carol Rossell
Frederic & Keturah WoodElsa Wood
Our dear friend, Jean ThomasHannelore (Hannie) Hahn & Eric Hahn
Allen Stone, Dorothy McKissick,
Mary & Charles Zeigler
Linda & John Zeigler
Thomas, Gladys & Robert Fletcher
Patricia M. Fletcher
William & Madeline Frost
Michelle McAleer
William & Florence McGuire
Eleanor Redfern
Carol Rittenhouse
David Fletcher
Jean ThomasRichard & Sandra Say
Deceased members of the Hanusey,
Emmons, & Hallam Family
Christine Hallam
Demetra & John Gatti
Elisabeth & Frank Satkofsky
Susan & Gerald Satkofsky
Ken AndersonHelen Anderson
Nancy Taylor DoddTom Dodd
Max & Yvonne BieberbachJill Bieberbach

In Thanksgiving for:Given by:
Our grandsons & childrenNancy & Jim Johnson
Our familyHarry & Mary Shea
Our children, grandchildren, & greatgrandsLinda & John Zeigler
TrinityHelen Anderson